Council Consultation - Clean air action plan:

The consultation will run until the 15th of February 2019

Council Consultation - Control of estate agents boards:

The consultation will run until the 26 Feb 2019

Castlehaven re-brand launch

NEXT Council Meeting - Deputation/Petition - 15 May 2019, 6pm

Deputation deadlines

Deputation requests which are received within the appropriate timescales will be sent to relevant councillors, who decide whether to hear the deputations. For most committees, the final decision will rest with the chair of the body.

The deadline for receipt of deputation requests is as follows:

Working days are Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays) so for Cabinet a deputation normally must be received by 5pm on Monday for a meeting on a Wednesday. If the Monday was a bank holiday, then the request should be received by 5pm on the preceding Friday.

Speaking to the meeting

If the deputation request is accepted the speaker(s) will have 3 minutes to address full Council and the Cabinet or 5 minutes to address to any other body (except for the Planning Committee – more detail on deputations to that Committee can be found here).

The speakers should make sure the remarks are relevant and no personal attacks or defamatory statements are made. Speakers should also be mindful not to present personal data relating to third parties without their consent.

Once the deputation has been heard, councillors can then ask questions of the deputation for a total of three minutes at full Council and Cabinet and five minutes at other bodies, to which any member of the deputation can respond.

At full Council, after the deputation has been heard the appropriate Cabinet Member or committee chair will respond to the points made. They will be given three minutes to do this.

At the Cabinet, the appropriate Cabinet Member will usually comment on the points raised by the deputation during the discussion on the relevant item on the agenda.

At other committees, Members may discuss matters raised immediately after the deputation has been made or when they are considering the relevant item on the agenda.

Once the deputation is over the individual or group can remain to watch the meeting but can take no further part in the proceedings.

Some meetings of the Council are webcast live on the Internet and are capable of repeated viewing, which would include any deputations unless alternative arrangements have been made beforehand.